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Credit control services London

Procol Services takes a proactive and confident approach when dealing with debt collections and all other credit control services. We will always aim to liaise with our customers, just before or on the due date.

ProCollect, is our own collection system, that we have designed to implement a range of different action plans to suit different requirements for our customers. We have a simple approach, which is professional and will deliver great results and services. With our abilities we are able to provide practical management information so that our clients continue to grow their businesses.

Not only do we supply credit control expertise to our customers nationwide we service local businesses in London, as well as the surrounding areas of Luton, Stevenage and Watford. We also give helpful advice with litigation services and rent arrears.

Helping you with your debt recovery

Debt collection is a core service offered by Procol, however, credit control clients' receive this free of charge. Irrespective of your organisations size, if you have unacceptable levels of bad debt and need help with debt recovery or have late paying customers then talk to us today on 0203 239 7993.

We offer a nationwide service as well as local businesses in London and the surrounding areas including Luton, Stevenage & Watford. Don't delay, call us now and inject cash flow into your business!

Approval & Review

It is good business practice to know as much about your customer as possible. Procol Services is dedicated to providing bespoke credit management and credit control solutions at an affordable cost.

The service

Using our bespoke credit approval tool, Procredit, we offer a service that can give you a credit assessment of all existing and potential customers. The system has been designed to improve upon three key areas:

Credit approval and review services

Contact us today and make use of our free, no obligation consultancy session with one of our credit professionals. We can provide help with rent arrears and your credit control procedures.

Our professionals are able to serve all types of documents, on time and at an affordable price using our process server assistance. Whether you are based in or around London, we will take a review of your credit procedures and make recommendations as to how you can improve your cash flow and best of all it won't cost you a penny. Call our London office today on 03303800609 to make an appointment.